asset allocation cell

Everything we do at Hudson Advisors begins and ends with our clients. We view each relationship as an active partnership that focuses our capabilities on your objectives. The relationship begins with the identification of your requirements and goals. We consider important issues such as current and future cash needs, time frames, multiple generations, inheritances and bequests, tax and estate planning, inflation, and tolerance for or aversion to risk. When necessary, we will consult with your attorney, your accountant, or other professional advisors.

All of the above factors will help us determine an appropriate strategic asset allocation profile which balances returns with the risk taken to generate the returns. The strategic asset allocation will be a general framework for your portfolio, and will determine allocation to various asset classes. At that point, we can proceed to the recommendation of specific investment instruments. Each portfolio is customized to meet the client's investment objective and risk tolerance. Our current clients have a broad range of investment goals and risk tolerances. Some clients seek current income and immediate liquidity while others have a time horizon of more than 15 years and seek aggressive growth.

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